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Wow! What a dilemma, Valerie! Cooking meals for twelve that you clearly want to do well, but have a holiday at the same time. Tricky stuff but it's clear that you have found the right balance. Local, seasonal and 'simple', with a few well-judged shortcuts. Perfect!

I especially like the addition of that lemon verbena syrup to your tart and that you allow your inner heretic to play with the classics.

Oddly enough, considering the size of the region, we have spent quite a bit of time in that area - staying just outside nearby Perros-Guirec. Good times and happy memories of markets, beaches and pink rocks!

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How wonderful. We’re known as Les Anglaises in our little part of Brittany (despite my husband constantly explaining he’s Irish, not English.) I love your stories of cooking in Brittany, and I agree finding new things (such as the mussels) is always fascinating. Thank you

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